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The Adoption Visa (Subclass 102): Your Key to Building a Family in Australia – IC Australia’s Expertise

Adoption is a process whereby a child legally becomes a member of a new family, which requires the issuance of an adoption visa. In Australia, the adoption visa or Subclass 102 is specifically designed for children who have been adopted from overseas by Australian citizens or permanent residents.

To qualify for this visa, the child must be under 18 years of age, have been adopted legally by the sponsor, and be sponsored by an eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident. Additionally, the applicant must have been assessed as eligible for adoption based on the legal requirements and procedures of their home country.

The process of obtaining an adoption visa can be complicated, and it’s recommended to seek the assistance of a registered migration agent to guide the applicant through the process. Once the visa is granted, the child can travel to Australia to start their new life with their adopted family.

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