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Australian immigration as an individual is lengthy, daunting and at times, downright impossible. However, we can simplify and optimize the process with government-authorized assistance every step of the way.

Applying for an Australian visa can be a complex process with all the different policies, laws, and application types available. It can be exhausting even trying to understand the basics and applying in itself requires expert navigation of a labyrinth of forms, legalities, and requirements.

Here at IC Australia, we exclusively subcontract Migration Agents Registration Authority Advisors (MARAs) who are ready to make the entire experience much smoother with personalized support and advice.

What Is the Migration Agents Regulatory Authority (MARA)?

MARA is a government-regulated authority that allows migration agents and professionals to assist individuals in their Australian visa applications. Each agent is highly knowledgeable in the complicated logistics of the immigration process, including all the following visa types:

Whatever your reason for immigrating to Australia, we can help streamline and simplify your journey, with tailored advice and tips to ensure your application is successful.

Why Use an Immigration Consultancy?

For the best chance of application success, using an immigration consultancy is the way to go. Our immigration consultancy offers a high level of support and knowledge to help you navigate through the oftentimes impenetrable process.

Immigration consultancy is also ideal for individuals who aren’t sure which visa is right for them. We have been working in the industry for decades, bringing clients a comprehensive knowledge base and a pain-free visa application process.

We also stay abreast of all the latest changes and requirements, preventing delays on your way to residency. Having a personal assistant to guide you through the Australian visa proceedings offers the ultimate peace of mind, with tailored support to suit your specific needs.

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